A lot of people are talking about it, nearly all say it must be an awesome thing. I started reading RSS-Feeds about it just for fun. Which became a more and more long list of feeds. I also started talking about it and was making up small dreams about it in my head. By staying for a longer weekend at my family or friends house I tested working while not being at home. I started down-sizing my stuff and stopped buying things you can’t eat or drink or are irrelevant to my business and realized that I would be able to live like that. To validate it I did a short test-stay in Copenhagen in May.

The decision

Including some other reasons it got time for me to make some decisions for the future. And so I decided to leave my loved Hamburg to see Europe and the rest of the World. To me it’s not a run for a lot of countries in a short timespan. I want to get to know the daily life and work in different countries starting in Europe. Therefor I plant to stay for a month or even longer.

What I want to do

Beside the obvious (living and working in different places) I want to visit multiple WordCamps, because it’s awesome to meet all the WP-Fans in person. Also related to WordPress I want to visit folks and businesses, who also love the software, where they live and work. Therefor local WP-Meetups will be a regularly appointment. I’ll try to share my experiences on this blog.
In my spare time I also plan to do more sports especially water-sports, which was much to less in the last years. I’m curious what new activities I’ll discover. At the moment the bucket list for sports look like this: swimming, scuba-diving, kite-surfing, wake boarding, surfing, SUP, Longboarding, sky diving, boulder, snowboarding, parkour and even yoga.


Because I’m giving up my flat in Hamburg I have to get ride of a lot of things, cancel contracts and plan more or less the next steps to start into a new lifestyle.

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