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Waterfall - humans for scale

First stop, First learnings

I know you out there are waiting for some news, so I’ll write an update.

The Trip from Hamburg/Berlin to Sofia was pretty smooth. Right plane, right taxi, all good. I didn’t had real expectations before I came here, but where I ended up, shocked me, for the first days.

My hostel was located in a back-house in an „ok“-area like my friendly taxi-driver said. It is operating for 14 years now. A lot of the things Inside also looked and felt like that. Coming from a well equipped and mostly modern flat I needed some days to get used to it.
The staff-members where nice, but a group of 6 people arriving at 1:30 at night, showering and yelling next door were killing my night.

Wenn die Küche auszieht

Things are getting real

Today my flatmate moved out including most of the things for the kitchen and the shared livingroom. Right now is the first time I really feel a physical change in giving up my flat and my permanent resident in Hamburg. Terminating you phone or electricity never seams to have consequences until now.

There are about 20 days left before my flight to Sofia takes of. In this time I now want to sell nearly everything left. So if you just moved into a new flat or someone around you need stuff, let me know. I’ll also will post a list of available things.

But I’m still not sad about it. And I’m looking forward to celebrate my birthday next week one more/last time in this flat.

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