The big step is done. I left Hamburg, Germany and my life as it was until now. So this is the beginning.
From now on I’ll travel to get to know new people and new places. And there is just one way to go: Forward.

Until now this trip to Sofia feels mostly like every other trip to a WordCamp or conference. I know in the back of my head, that there is no flat waiting for me to return. The flat and a lot of things inside were part of my past, what kept me from going forward. I feel very relaxed and positive about what to come.

Last times

Locking the door for the last timeIn the last weeks happens or I did a lot of things “the last time”. Most of them relate to things I owned. They are gone now and I feel lighter now. No more thinking about maintaining a flat or how to place all the things inside my space. All I know have to worry about fits in a backpack and a suitcase, maybe still to much, we’ll see.

First times

If you do things the last time you also do things for the first time. And there a a lot more to come. Some are fairly basic other more exciting, like being in a country, where you can’t even read the texts around you.

A friendly way to the airport

Because I quit my flat in Hamburg a few days before the flight, I had time to stay with friends on the way to Berlin from HH to Wernigerode to Potsdam. At all places it was nice to spend some time with friends before getting to know so many new people. Even on this small journey I discovered nice places in Germany.

Waiting for the WordCamp

Like the title says I’m here for the WordCamp Europe. And I can’t wait for it to happen. Meting all the WordPress people, new or known. To learn and to get more excited about WP every time again. I already met some other WordPress people here in Sofia. So it feels a little bit like the WordCamp already started.

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