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3 Wapus for WordCamp Thessaloniki on a wall

Annual visit – New place | WordCamp Thessaloniki

Every year in fall I end up in Greece. Maybe because Greece was the second place on my nomad journey and I meet amazing people there. The same this year.
Mid december there was the greek WordCamp. Quite a late fall, but until there is no snow it‘s not winter ;). To support my friends, organizing the event and meet the super friendly greek community again, I travelled to the city of Thessaloniki.

So close to xmas and the related family vacation I just managed to visit for a long weekend. In my mind I was looking forward to a few warm-ish days away from german Advent.
The greek weather gods were not on my side. Cold, rainy and specialy windy conditions received me.

divine Landscape

Stories with and without water in Athens

Time to continue reporting from my stay in Athens. I already spoilered there will be stories about water in this post, so lets start with a good one.

Mediterranean Diving

After a week of work I decided to make use of the ocean and go for a dive. The Mediterranean Sea is still nice in October for that. I took the public transport to get to a base outside Athens.

Arriving in a small village I was impressed by the different landscape and the completely with Mares equipment dive base. The people I meet there were professional about diving, equipment, education and also very nice. Making this base a recommendation for serious divers.
I was lucky to get Lilli as my buddy for the first dive. She took some underwater photos and gave them to me. Thanks for that.

View over the sea of ​​houses

I can understand the gods – Staying in Athens is great

Getting from Sofia to Athens was pretty simple and easy. I just took the plane. Used the metro to ride into the center and meet my contact person to get into my AirBnB-Apartment. Even arriving at 11 PM is not a problem. I felt a bit uncivil to get here so late, but the city was still very active and it not unusual to stay up until midnight and even longer.

The next day was a Saturday. So no need to work and a new city to explore. I started by searching for a local SIM-Card. Running around in small streets full with shops I just found souvenirs and clothing.
I ended up in a mini-market asking for it. Because the woman behind the counter was not really able to speak English, a (un)random customer needs to help out. He told me the way to a shop. I started walking. Suddenly a scooter stops next to me, the already helpful man from the mini-market smiling at me, letting me know I should take a seat on the back seat. And so I got a free original greek ride through Athens, of cause without helmet and right through traffic jams. Unloaded in front of the mobile phone store I shortly after was equipped with data and minutes.

First time here, I decided to see the historical parts of the city. The biggest area for that is right in the center, just follow the rest of the tourists. Walking up the hill to the acropolis you get more and more a feeling for the size of this city. It is a white sea of houses all over until the green mountains around it. And there are no cute small white houses with blue roofs between there. Most of them are 4-5 storey high. Not quite cliche.

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