Time to continue reporting from my stay in Athens. I already spoilered there will be stories about water in this post, so lets start with a good one.

Mediterranean Diving

After a week of work I decided to make use of the ocean and go for a dive. The Mediterranean Sea is still nice in October for that. I took the public transport to get to a base outside Athens.

Arriving in a small village I was impressed by the different landscape and the completely with Mares equipment dive base. The people I meet there were professional about diving, equipment, education and also very nice. Making this base a recommendation for serious divers.
I was lucky to get Lilli as my buddy for the first dive. She took some underwater photos and gave them to me. Thanks for that.

Because I liked the experience and the people I returned the next weekend to have two more dives.

Without water but still there

Just for one nightAfter 1,75 weeks in my temporary apartment the owner gave me a call, telling me that some water pipes were broken and there will be no fresh water for the next couple of days. Because I liked the apartment in general and didn’t wanted to find a new one, we decided I’ll stay some nights in a guest house close by.

Not expecting something special I got there quite late at night, with some necessary things and was shocked by the room. The place was more broken then intact. It smelled a bit strange. And the first and only time in Greece I was offended because I’m from Germany.
So I spend one night there to be able to shower in the morning. After that I remembered my camping skills from earlier times. So I managed to stay in the apartment while the plummer added new pipes all over the place.

Meet people in Athens

My Athens Gang

My Athens Gang at the table

My Athens gang:

To get to know my temporary office mates better we met for a dinner with greek rules in an awesome restaurant. Greek rules means that the food will be placed in the middle of the table and everything inside the reach of your arms is possible yours. You just need to be the fastest to claim it. To drink there is wine and raki for everyone.

The power of social media let me meet some travel blogger, which were also in town for a conference. We spend the evenings together and I got a glance into the world of professional travel blogger by smuggling me into the attendee-partys.

WP Meetup Athens

One more highlight for me in Athens was the meetup with some of the WordPress Fans from Athens and even other parts of Greece. After we found out, that the local community differs quite a bit from the one in Hamburg/Germany we decided that I will give a talk about the foundation and development of the WP Meetup Hamburg. So I had to prepare my first english talk for a mini-meetup. Usually the meetup in Athens is very big with around 90 persons. This time we were circa 25 WordPresser.

At the day for WP Meetup Athens we met in a nice loft. After some networking it was my turn to present. Beside interest for different approaches for community work I also answered questions about plugins and multilingualism.
With pizza and drinks we extended the discussion. Even after closing the loft we continued chatting in a bar, there is so much to talk about.

Returning for sure

I’ll finish reporting about my first stay in Greece with some more photos. I had a great time and will come back. I don’t know when but I want to see some of the islands and meet the lovely people I met here again. So enjoy my snapshots from my walking tours.

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