Getting from Sofia to Athens was pretty simple and easy. I just took the plane. Used the metro to ride into the center and meet my contact person to get into my AirBnB-Apartment. Even arriving at 11 PM is not a problem. I felt a bit uncivil to get here so late, but the city was still very active and it not unusual to stay up until midnight and even longer.

The next day was a Saturday. So no need to work and a new city to explore. I started by searching for a local SIM-Card. Running around in small streets full with shops I just found souvenirs and clothing.
I ended up in a mini-market asking for it. Because the woman behind the counter was not really able to speak English, a (un)random customer needs to help out. He told me the way to a shop. I started walking. Suddenly a scooter stops next to me, the already helpful man from the mini-market smiling at me, letting me know I should take a seat on the back seat. And so I got a free original greek ride through Athens, of cause without helmet and right through traffic jams. Unloaded in front of the mobile phone store I shortly after was equipped with data and minutes.

First time here, I decided to see the historical parts of the city. The biggest area for that is right in the center, just follow the rest of the tourists. Walking up the hill to the acropolis you get more and more a feeling for the size of this city. It is a white sea of houses all over until the green mountains around it. And there are no cute small white houses with blue roofs between there. Most of them are 4-5 storey high. Not quite cliche.

The actual site of the museum is like all the open museums. People all over. Photos and Selfies everywhere. But an awesome view to all directions is also included.
The modern equipment because of the construction works lets you guess how heavy this stone blocks are. To know the original builders doesn’t have all of this impresses a lot, standing right next to this high buildings. One of the historical theater at the feed of the Acropolis is in use and looked quite nice.

After a lot of walking throw the city center I went to the beach on sunday. I was recommended to go to a cleaner beach more outside the city. To get there I took the metro and a greek bus. A greek bus means, you have to rush to get in there to get some space. There fit a lot of people in a bus when compressed like this. But still old persons and kids are offered to sit.

Back to daily life

Every weekend ends and the time for working gets by. I was invited to cowork at the office of Nevma a greek agency for WordPress websites. I met the owner Takis at WordCamp Europe in Sofia and he took care of me all the time I stayed in Athens.

Being around with the 6 person team was a lot of fun. For lunch we gathered to enjoy fresh food or went to a small place for the best souvlaki in town. The experience of (wild) arguing greek people about (for me) unknown topics is funny and quite different to german.
All the time confusing me is the fact that the greek “Naí” means “Yes” and not like lazy germans use it for “No”. As I learned that a lot of things got more positive.

Setting up the rest of the daily life, with grocery shopping and getting around the city was easy. So I spend the first time working and looking at some more areas of the city center.

More experiences with water and without are coming soon.

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