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Boarding the plane towards Asia

It ended with a soft landing and easy start in Chiang Mai

My first trip to Asia should start early with a flight from Hamburg to Cologne. Switching there into a bigger plane towards Bangkok with Eurowings. Finishing with a last flight to Chiang Mai with the local airline Air Asia.

All my stuff for the next month

All my stuff for the next month

I prepared myself and my luggage to be compact so I will not need to go to the counter thanks to Online-Check-Ins. But for unclear reasons the website and the app of my airline was not able to check me in. So I needed to b at the airport even earlier. Fine, I would sleep on the plane anyway.

Because of the winter temperatures in Hamburg I needed a warm jacket there, but I didn’t wanted to carry that big thing with me in Asia. Staying the last night with a friend I left my jacket and other winter clothing at his place (thanks for that) and used a Car2Go to get to the airport. Quite cold when the closest Smart is hiding in a small street. Thanks to the seat heating I was happy again soon.

Getting rid of the car again was a early morning challenge. To be prepared I checked the website where I need to park the car before flying. Following this info I wasn’t able to find the parking space. No wonder, because the information was wrong. Calling the helpline for support, they didn’t know better then what the website says, beside that my GPS position was bad for parking the car. After driving around the airports parking area for some time I finally found the right spot. Very sad that the website was and is still wrong.

Ready to leave the winter in Hamburg

Ready to leave the winter in Hamburg

Getting to the security check the scanning of my backpack doesn’t satisfied the friendly officers. It was to much tech stuff in the top of the backpack. The emptying of the compartment the was rewarded in a nice and detailed showing and explaining of the x-ray images of my bag and my stuff. Very interesting what you can see on this. Always wanted to do that.

The first flight was nothing special. So nothing to tell here.

Flying to Asia with hand luggage

First I have to fly to Asia

After traveling around Europe and a bit of north Africa for 1.25 years as a nomad it was Xmas season again. So I stopped by family and friends in northern Germany.

When a the celebrations are done everything goes back to normal and I need to find a place for the winter for myself.
After a nice winter on the Canary Islands last year I wanted to go to a even warmer place. But close by is it hard to find. Also people around me are talking about awesome Asia.
One more big and probably the reason I then decided to go to Asia was to see some of my friendsĀ  going there and I wanted to join them.

With the power of the internet I booked my flight to Bangkok and on to Chiang Mai for the beginning of January.

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