After traveling around Europe and a bit of north Africa for 1.25 years as a nomad it was Xmas season again. So I stopped by family and friends in northern Germany.

When a the celebrations are done everything goes back to normal and I need to find a place for the winter for myself.
After a nice winter on the Canary Islands last year I wanted to go to a even warmer place. But close by is it hard to find. Also people around me are talking about awesome Asia.
One more big and probably the reason I then decided to go to Asia was to see some of my friends  going there and I wanted to join them.

With the power of the internet I booked my flight to Bangkok and on to Chiang Mai for the beginning of January.

Usually I was pretty unprepared while traveling in Europe. There it is not really a Problem. But for Asia I wanted to be more prepared.
The first thing I did was applying for a longer visa them the one at the airport. After I got one I read and talked about the basic things I need to know about the culture and behavior rules. I didn’t had the time to try language learning or even more things.

The bigger part of my preparation was to Plan to travel just with carry-on baggage. I got a new backpack a few month ago that fit the size limits and I learn how to pack more things in a smaller Space.
Now I needed to put this things to a test.
Even I had experiences down sizing my things getting everything down to just a backpack was not totally easy. Also the liquids limits are annoying.

Overall I feel way more prepared then ever before. Therefore I feel comfortable to leave for a new world and a lot of experiences.

Now the back is packed and everything ready to go. My way eastbound and many more stories will follow. Stay tuned.

To keep my promise to write in this blog more often I’m joining #projekt52. I’ll try to publish a post every week for the year 2016.

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